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Friday, April 4, 2008

Dooms day is here?

Not Exactly the doom's day, but a verge to extinction (thought the word is harsh, u will realise it eventually)...
Yeah People.....

Have you noticed from your toiling life what is happening around...
The eco balance has finally shown signs of rupturing..
A large chunk of Iceberg gone in seconds..I know many don't even bother the outburst of this event..What climatic changes can do to the living human celluloid...
Oil prices shooting..water going scarce..Recently i came to know that the parliament house of india does not get sufficient water supply forget that you will ever get luxury of 24X water forever...Ganges is drying..prediction says that sea level shall rise by more that 5 feet in 2010..
Some say next world war could be for Water..

Recently noted, highest temperature ever in delhi on march 30 in last five years..that tells you a lot..Are you really ready to face such tormenting days ahead in your life with streets you walk turn into sun burnt sand plates...And you thought you have a Car with AC , a home with split AC
, but tell me what will you eat and drink without vegetation and water..
Stop being so stupid..turn to green energy sources, save water, save electricity, save fuel as much as you can...
all is happening here right in front of your eyes wide shut to these..
yeah you will be successful..your name written in history..for what , you will be history in few years with no one left to read your story..
Save the Planet , Save the Homo Sapiens

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why it pained I’ll never want to know....

Why it pained I’ll never want to know...
(Willing Destiny)

Standing bright, in the hazy sunlight,
You came like a angel in golden twilight.

I knew I am there, but you were really not aware,
For resided in you someone and losing you I did not dare.
Merry was I with your company and glow,
Holding innocent hands with feelings to tell you more.

Came the day we parted and it snowed bad,
We went on the journey with whaterver memories we had.
I knew i was just a face for you I know,
But why it pained I’ll never want to know…

Days went by, I lived the dreamed era,
Till we met again with you untouched Aura.
So stunned was I, I thought I just lived in waste,
Oh Mighty, give me a another chance my heart paced.

You serenity touched me like shining divine,
And you did smile when I gazed you to be mine.
Distance parted, I still wanted to see you more,
But why it pained I’ll never want to know…

And spite in heaven and hell, felt together on unnamed road,
For heaven was your ignorance, and hell was my conscious abode.

We talked the world, as years went by,
Your cakewalk life and the rainy sky.
You never brought what together we might,
Never did I to hurt your smiling sight.

Friendship grew, became purple and warm,
Waiting to be red, together in arms.
I hate this word, starting with it is never right
It like wishing for the stars on cloudy night.
You never looked me as the person I wanted I know
But why it pained I’ll never want to know…

Your searching soul, for a mate of desire,
Felt like together we can see some fire.
But destiny’s will or my willing destiny,
You chose not me, but a fate’s mutiny.
Crashed my dream, your blissful ignorance will never let know
But why it pained I’ll never want to know…

Still you ask me beside, as i am your trust,
How can i breach it, for my feelings had never been lust.
I vow to stand for the memories left distorted,
Though it hurts like standing on broken glass carpet.

For all I thought I am happy but I am not,
For love is not sacrifice, it always pains a lot.
All the time I knew you never wanted it I know
But why it pained I’ll never want to know…