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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I will be always there for you !!!

I wished I had wings, to be there with you,
when happiness blooms like sunflower on you
To stare in your eyes wondering, why I am happy for you.

I wished I had wings, to be there with you,
When sadness glooms like shadow on you,
To pacify, to cheer, wondering why am I so sad when its you.

I wished I had wings, to be there with you,
When tears roll down the cheeks like dew,
To hold them and hug you, wondering why I am unrestful when its you.

When all in the world turn away from you,
Its when you will realize I am there for you,
I was always there for you wondering, when will I pave a path in you?

I could wish for many more things just for you,
But its like praying for rains in blue,
I still keep wondering so far from you, will you ever wonder how much I care and miss you?

I am tired of wondering, and don’t want the to hurt myself anymore,
Oh god , let there be no being with such feelings,
it hurts when you love and expect love, and your love doesn’t even know.

Hey sunshine, shine as you always do,
But do remember there are being who love you more , doubts prevail and they never show !!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Fad..The Myth..The Reality...

I have been a big feminist..but hey the feminism river has decided to take unpredictable course... Now its like..this river has started to build deltas inside deltas..this is becoming a mess, so i renounce my feminist title..Why?? Well earlier in india situation of women was not that scenic..Yes i do agree on that one..I wont narrate what was wrong in those previous days..every single being in BHARAT is told that from the day he gained worldy sense..Then slowly some revolution gripped indian women, i used to think previously ,Oh boy good..that happened..someone did step up to help women..but today i realised that those early day steps which meant so much for the feminine being are no longer alive.... Yeah you were given the right to speak,be heard , involve in society , cherish publicity, equal oppurtunity as men, choice to wear your own clothes, acceptance of social drinking ,smoking..and on and on...(I know there are many things that women have not yet achieved in india, thats because they are lost in the westward ho race...Women themselves are to blame for the things that they could not achieve for their sisterhood) You list down..what freedom you have today compared to what you would have been denied in 70's..Now ponder over it, of these how many things, in indian contex,t are what you wanted in those 70's...i would say probably 60% of your who got these 40% of the listed things screwed up in your mind??? The so called west practising free lancers... I mean those 40% things are not bad..but do you really need it?? Or you just chose the act because it is considered some freedom fad, written in some women journal or magazine or some daily newspaper supplement??? 80% of average literate women who are reading this blog will say yes to the second question?? I still re-iterate nothing wrong with those 40% of the things you do, but i ask again do you need it?? Does an Indian women whose culture and upbringing is superiorly different from the west, needs it???? I will take an example(Well the too much exploitation in the name of this fad provoked me for this blog)....Do you see the fad word Metro Sexual Man going around mouth to mouth between the ladies...Yes this term, this concept is reaaly a BIG FAD... So i did some research and found these revealing truth....
The FAD : Women want their man to be metrosexual. Or more generically, Some western influenced protaganist wants indian women to look out for metrosexual man, yeah because it is the in THING!!!
The Myth: Current gender scholars view metrosexuality as representative of the embracing of relational understanding in addition to its lifestyle and aesthetic implications... (Source: wikipedia) The Reality: (this one will sweep the earth under your feet..wait till you understand it fully and you will see how gross a metrosexual man is..) Though the term has undergone a transformation from its original meaning (a heterosexual man who appeared or acted as if he were homosexual), current trends have seen the metrosexual label placed upon masculinity's embracing of practices usually perceived to be feminine, rather than those specifically associated with the homosexual. (Source: wikipedia) that you all ladies mongering and gigling in groups want your man to be!!!!! Phew!! thank God..i unaccepted to be the part of this fad..many are part of it just because their beautiful ladies asked them to be(Wake up dude!!)..(Just catching up with my breath..still laughing!!) And guess what!!!! This did not stop here..Some freaky westo added some things more to the metrosexual man fad... Like..Ohh he should be caring enough to wake up on sunday mornings and prepare a breakfast for you, or go and get milk early in the morning...By doing so he is showing his sensitive side and acknowledges waht all you do for him in life...And for the hells sake, this is yur definition of metrosexual,yuuukkkk !! Duh!!!well these pieces were put together not to create a metrosexual man buzz..but your thirst for freedom, the kind which you really dont want, is being generated... Yeah man do not acknowledge often what the lady is doing for him in his life..He shows in maybe once in a week or in a month...but hello..thats what all is not metrosexual.. He is being what he is meant to be...not METROSexual..but only MAN!!! One reality is that none of the men want to be metrosexual..They do it for the sake..because the women of her life wants him to be that (Start appreciating that)...Asking for sensitiveness is good..but see here you are asking for more (asking your man to stop existing as a masculine being)and that too not because you want is because some one told you that you want or you read it somewhere and wihout even giving a thought that whether you want it or not, you just want to exercise this new freedom fad?? You, the women of india..its time to stop exercising what you have, why dont you help others deprived of what you have, to achive that freedom..Stop this nuisance of competeing with men,asking them to be looks more like asking for a gender transformation for both!!! Go and find the Nirvana of what women freedom is ? first!! God made you with some distinct qualities...use them well for betterment of the world.. I think there are many women there as feminist and some as western feminist setting a benchmark for a free INDIAN WOMEN and you are going to choose one of the 2...You currently dont need any feminist men ADIOS to all..I have to help the confused men, victimised by those disillusioning benchmarks set up for them!!!!