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Friday, October 24, 2008

MNS Should be Banned?

I had to write about this.

For new comers..I have studied till 12th in Maharashtra...And never in my life had i come across a single Marathi Manoos going blah blah about "you North Indian...".
People in Maharashtra are the most harmony loving people...evidently seen in the acceptance of their festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated by all sects in Maharashtra...

Yes, i say regionalism should be preached, if the intention is to protect domestic cultural values, but not at the cost of National interest...

Would Maharashtra or any other state would be able to survive if it was not part of India as a state.
If SIMI is being banned for various activities which are hampering nations integrity and unity then why not BAN MNS?
There should be petitions filed by IPS, IAS officers to ban such groups all over INDIA..
Who Is Mr. Raj Thackrey? A petty politician, using slangs and cheap language to address people..
A great leader is also build on great character? I guess you loose heavily on that..

To tell you Mr thackrey "tumhi je shabd vaparta te marathi mansala shobha det nahi".
He is nothing but evidently the "rajniti" is india is so disgusting, that instead empoweing law to kill this rat it has used this pathetic pile of disgusted bin and crowned the owner as the local king.

Mr Raj, you can try to woo the marathi people for votes, but that will help you only to get votes in rural maharashtra. But i am sure an educated Maharastrian would know that your path will finally lead to a destructive Era for all sects in MUMBAI....

You shout so much anti North Indian Slogan, ask your respected wife to clean up her wardrobe of Punjabi suits and bring a lot of local marathi dress...Yeah Charity begins at home..The North Indian lawyer you have hired, fire him and get a marathi lawyer that would be an evident move of anti North Indian slogan you ram down your throat for jobs? Ever thought these circumstances can lead to destitution of marathi people outside maharashtra....I hope that day does not come..for that would be a true end of India as a secular nation...