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Monday, May 19, 2008

A Bridge of Broken Trust

When you think that you are being trusted at workplace, its time you take stock of the events...

Trust that too at work place..impossible dude..
Trust between think some one is ready enough to share his meal with you? Wake up..
But they do share a trust on certain platforms when it comes to sharing corporate gossip but never personal growth..
Just stick to this rule..and dont be fool enough..

Trust between lead/manager and you?...Lets start like this...

1. When the manager is trusting you so much, revealing some information, you feel one of the secret keepers of the team,that means he is trying really hard to know what is going on your mind..
He is concerned, are you leaving? Are you still happy with the appraisal?
That is because he is clueless with your responses at daily work.
You will soon find out he tries to ask you about the team and the team about you..

2. trust between managers/lead can only be professional...
manager :Yes this dude can do this work
reportees: My Manager shows concern in my work..

3. A reason big enough not to trust your manager is, "He is not the decision maker when it comes to your personal growth"... You may have bought Mt. Everest to you knees, but dude seriously you are expected to do so when required...So it never shakes the management..All they are worried is about "B"usiness and "R"evenues....
If Business is not doing matter you made a TAJ are bound to get rocks to eat..And your manager inspite knowing all about your work has to come back saying "It will be better next time"..
Its been more than 3 years...I have seen it all..They have no justifications for their action but they very well know how to get you motivated and seriously man they have a huge capacity to go ON and ON and ON for hours explaining why things went wrong and when they will be better..I have seen it all "graphs, career examples, economic growth, US economy" in such discussions and finally have realised..You have to be a heartless bitch to be a manager..No humanity, No dignity, No pride, Actively involved in crashing young dreams...Are managers..

You business did not do gr8...Bloody hell fire your business development guys....I am doing my job and i should get proper recognition..
But the bottom of the food chain cannot indulge in the luxury of "demands"....All they need is patience and climb up the ladder slowly..

So next time you hear stories of team from a Manager simply ask "What is it that you want to know from me"

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