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Thursday, May 21, 2009

EmPowering the Opposition

Yeah, finally to the relief to the democratic citizens of india, a stable govt is about to be in place. Yes and that too without much support from outside of the UPA. Thanks to the people who voted...Kudos to them (minus the mumbai people, dont you ever ask for a responsible govt)..

You guys Rock!!!

But ever wondered what will happen with this huge monolithic win...yes sir it may lead to unilateral thinking....thats where the opposition party comes in...Though i am a huge adverser of UPA but having too much faith is not my kind of belief.. they may not always be right..
Thats where the NDA comes in the picture..They had a great blow but thats another story..
This story is about from ashes to phoenix..
The NDA should delve and immerse itself in people and national development activities..It should start a revolutionary concept for the opposition.. here are a few pointers..
1. Start a people feedback system about govt policy, instead of going blindly and opposing every policy of centre at least try to gauge the view of aam admi. This will help them prevent their red face unlike the LEFT on N-Deal.
2. Support the govt towards national betterment.
3. remove advani and pro extremist..Time to build party support beyond hindus. Look out for some fresh talents and young guns.
4. Review the quaterly reviews the to be PM has announced on various projects and ensure that those reviews happen. If the govt is not able to answer you answer the public on the progress..but no politics here please..
5. Well the govt seems to be too busy for this.. But a national ticketing system for grievances by people where the opposition takes these issues to the centre for resolution will improve the party image drastically.. If this is is taken up by UPA, then the NDA is doomed for another 2 decades....

6. It time to do good for the people, by the people and of the people...

Sitting in opposition this year will give you ample of time to do revolutionary reforms as a opposition (because the UPA this year i expect is not going to allow any interference from opposition or allies). Its time to move beyond communalism, foreigner/aged implication on opposition, no agenda for reforms,ram mandir, loyalty to old advani.
Its time for all round development, inducting youth, inducting new ideas, stick to basics of people welfare, no more hindu vs muslim, supporting the good reforms from UPA, opposing only the bad reforms of UPA.
Why do you want to do public reforms only when you are in power. This year do what no opposition has ever done... File/propose a bill for things that were there on your election manifesto..Get your manifesto promises done even if you are in opposition..Welfare done to the people of india will always be visible even if implemented by centre..

The power to come in power is with NEW YOU and only NEW YOU....

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