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Friday, August 19, 2011

Are Your friends Mislead about Anna?Impressed by Media for the Same? Then ask them to Read This......

This is just my attempt to clarify things for people who easily get misguided by articles wthout proof.

If you are against Anna then read on. I am not asking you to support but dont get mislead by articles like these.

Kindly read the article below first:

I'll summarise the article first:

The article is given such a huge provocative title and then just fizzed out to a single point that Mr. Anna Hazare wants to be in Power.There are no other relevent arguments supporting or justifying the title given to the article.Also the references in the article made are implicit reasons for this huge movement.Please bear for length of this attempt.

My take:

The article quotes"auto rickshaw drivers, and constables, if Haryana Police Sangathan support for Jan Lokpal's bill is any indication, and low paid government officials and assorted elements—have no idea that they are very much part of the corruption. They believe it is a disease outside them, primarily endemic to the government and its institutions, when they are active players in the drama"

Do you think they are wrong?

If the government cannot regulate the Auto Rickshaw license (mainly controlled by people in power and mafia) what choice these people at the bottom of the food chain have who have to buy licenses and rickshaw at almost twice the price.And mind you i am talking about the region which is capital of the nation.He has to indulge in malpractice because he does not have the POWER to stand up againt the corrupt POWERFUL OFFICIALS holding office.To silence their voice the government imposed a law that they cannot refuse a passenger to provide any service.

The Goverment can feast onto the treasury filled by tax payers, but they cannot increase the salary of the "low paid government officials or police" who have to resort to corruption to not only feed themselves and many times unwillingly get involved to warm up the swiss trenches of the chain of command above them.Did the government tackle inflation,provide subsidies,lowered tax rates for this class of democratic nation so that they do not resort to these practices?

Another quote from the article:

"those whom you elected will not be of as much consequence as those self appointed or government nominated Lokpal committee members"

The Election Commision and all other bodies not under ministry have partially failed to check the malpractices involved in election procedure and completely failed to take any legal action against the elected representatives for their misconduct as prescribed to them by influential POWERful people.

Who will then check them respected Parliament? Do you have an answer?

Amend the consitution, make an autonomous body capable of this. But no you did not for your own profit.It finnaly boiled down to the common man's civil movement to execute their democratic rights to have you do the same.Do you realize now why everyone of you is calledCIVIL SERVANT or PUBLIC SERVANT.And yes it pinches and panicks the government when common man whose silence that you are used to churns into slogans and mass support.

Sadly all these above cannot be proved, but it exists deep in society and i DARE say "primarily endemic to the government and its institutions".Prove us WRONG.All hypothetically but physically existing deep rooted in system.

The movement may get tarnished, but this is what we who elected the government now want. Its a welcome change for the nation marred,bruised with plundering of wealth and the elected POWERful representative warming their asses with a lipstick.

This is not just a potshot to people against movement, i would just like to echo this common sentiment of the people.Try to digest it first as below.

A basic requirement to eradicate this disease of corruption is monitoring and checking of POWERful people who not only resort to these practices but also using the office authority involve people down the chain to indulge in same.

If the people in POWER are checked, things should get normal.

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