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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Before Ringing the Bell !!

After a vain try of Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, i was researching on the history of biryani over internet.  The zest for marking down my  research compelled me to blog it all down. Opened my gmail account to log on to my blog site.The mail at the top of the list was marked "Ring The Bell for IndiChange!" by Indiblogger.
And i was like,  what a coincidence i was here to write on my blog and there is a contest calling me. It probably was a sign. As i sit down writing this post with a wretched heart i realize now what it meant.

I thought let me write something on this. But before i or any other like minded individual writing on solutions, does even know the root cause of problem? So I closed down all Dum biryani research and typed in "Why men rape women in India?". Being a NCR resident i think its the first atrocity that comes to my mind.
To my surprise there were lots of articles by psychologists in USA and none came from India. The most prominent were the articles about American Soldiers raping their female colleagues.
One such article was And i read more such disturbing articles and did some more research.

All in all following was the central theme of various analysis, statistics and welfare programmes:

1. Misogyny : The word means 'hatred for women', being one of the main reasons for an individual to commit crime against women. This can develop among men whose performances is belittled as a women; "Ladki hai Kya", "ladkiyon ke tarah bhagta hai"; these are just extremely mild examples. Unacceptance of competitive and smart females hurting in male egos is another reason.

2. Damaged Male Psychology :  Some experts pointed that history of child abuse could be one of the reasons for the current behavior of a rapist. A person with difficult childhood vents its suppressed anger in form of sexual offence.Did some research and an article posted in 2007 shows that 69% of indian children are abused and >72% of boys are abused.
No wonder when they grow up even as a responsible citizen, the damaged psychology instigates the repressed feelings of domination, revenge by sexual assault .
Children witness to domestic violence are also prone to manifestation of abuses in adolescence.

3. Culture:  We as indians hold our culture with high regards. We are like ostritches with heads inside sand that such inhumanities are not possible in our culture. Sorry boss, these cruel criminals are part of your culture breeding under your breaths. The male domination mentality fuels more complications. Stereotyping females as housewives was good once, but not now. Independent women are free from social and economic fears hence need not submit to inept male ego.  We need to realize that the culture and society also has to evolve.If society constitutionalizes a right, it becomes universally acceptable abolishing any social stigma.  The long term solution to this problem starts from blending rationalization in our rigid culture.

4. Weak and Ignorent law: Filing an FIR or incident reporting is a nightmare in India. Even after "Nirbhaya" case we have seen a rising incidents of rape, insensitive remarks by police, politicians. The women help line nos are a show piece. When the law itself is making a joke of this serious issues how can you expect criminals to take the law seriously. The fight against this battle has to start from here.Either the law helds itself up or the victims will upheld the law. Either way a justified law has to prevail!!

Well these are just the root causes of the problem. I will write another post on some practical solutions.

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