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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Finally on Board..

I have been trying to catch up with this blogging thing for a while both to publish some tech articles and some random thoughts. But i could never ever figure out, why do people BLOG so much.

Some feel like burping out their anger,many folks post about their daily lifes right from the cat in the house to honeymoon destination pics, how their relationship broke, blah blah...Still no clue

But finally it dawned on me like the first ray of light...Its the best way to share it emotinal,social , entertainment , philosophical. Sometimes i feel people who are depressed the most have taken up blogging, but i do find many cheerful blogs to..
I have been reading a lot of technical blogs but lately i found some personal blogs which were quite suitable to my taste..

Yeah you also do get to know the other side of the coin..what abode lies beyond your street, country and maybe someday people from other planets will also start blogging.. And i dont want to be embarrased by a lady from venus saying "You don't BLOG, whacko!!"

Well i dont have a fad to read the emotional turbulence of people and nor do i want to share the same.. So i promise that it wont be another daily soaper will try to keep it informative as much possible..

So "whacko" are you on board or do i have to say it again !!!

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Wind of change said...

Good to see you finally here... look forward to your posts.. :)