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Saturday, March 24, 2007

We the Coders....

I bet many people must have seen the movie SWADES..We The People..
Yeah watched it..Many of us did became emotional for the nation...We did peak the emotion of being proud to be an indian during those three hours...But the worst part..we come out of the movie, some had a long drag of their cigarretes, some sought for other ways to be relieved from the emotional out of the emotion quickly and went home singing what a great movie was made....
What all i said is going to continue for a long from here..So those who dont want to waste their precious time to read another blog on same lines can carry on with their regular work...
So what are We The People...
One instance i came across was some weeks ago an article titled something about Programmers and Coders...
And to my astonishment most of the indian IT people are considered as "CODERS" rather than a programmer..For beginners i would put it in lay man terms as "CODERS" can be called as the painter and "PROGRAMMERS" can be termed as the Interior Designers...I wanted to put a little more harsh analogy here..but that would be too hard for you all to digest..
So here are we...The cheap labours, not putting any mind to what are we doing??..why are we doing?? hah..And many will say as long as we are getting good moolah..why care??..Who bothers.??..But ever realized at what cost...
You work for an MNC for a daily bread , generate huge profits for THEM....And in the process did you expects some praise for it?? No wonder they did gave away a Best Associate..Performer of the Year...Spotted type of award to you...Ohhh yeah man they did gave it to you..
Was it for your smart work that they gave it to you?? Was it for the silence with which you worked asking no questions and not putting much of your intelligence into the project, along with unquestionable long hours???
Look around, how many people did get the award for putting their intelligence into the project??
Find a few..But you did find the guy who toiled all night for project sake getting the award???
So in short the "CODER" got the award and the "Programmer" was sitting among the audience clapping for him..
Now did you realize at what cost you are earning that profit for your organization..
Yes, you bought an image of yourself as not only the best "CODER" but also you are being portrayed as an inspirational JACK for others to be a CODER and not a programmer..Net result ..Every body here in SWADES is a "CODER" or more appropriate being asked to become a "CODER"...
Thats the story across the nation...But who is at fault...We The People who nurtured that image and planting more saplings for not better programmers harvest..but better coders harvest..
But are all indains considers "CODERS"..albeit the story isn't so..The "PROGRAMMER" who came up with the fantastic solution for a problem was probably an indian..the only difference was that he beiing across the international boundary somewhere in US or UK....
And the "DOG WORK" (could not resist using the word) is given offshore..because the solution needs a lot of toiling,working late hours. Probably more hours than estimated to finish..But for them its OK...they have enough confidence in their CODERS in india that come what may...16 hrs at strech or maybe 48 hrs at a stretch..he will do it for that cheap moolah(carrot)...
I have come across many people who are real good "PROGRAMMERS" in india...But the problem is that nobody want to acknowledge them for what they are?? Why?? Hell..if they acknowledge you as a programmer then probably they will have to give you more moolah...And why did your organization at the first place opened a huge campus in India and hired you...??Those firangs are better baniyas than the best one we have in GUJARAT....Cost Cutting baby!!! which implies...
Not to be a programmer but to be a "CODER"..
So hey you idiotic 3 rupee newspaper's editor or journalist...We were chosen at the first place to be a "CODER" and those who wanted to be "PROGRAMMERS" or are "PROGRAMMERS" were moulded to be "CODER"..many silenced by discouragement...And on a day when you see a programmer rising choosing not to be a CODER..that day you will definately need to check with reduced $ investments in indian it industry.....
Choice!!! huh..Seems more of an Obligation here to the nation...Not complaining on that..but next time you choose to wrote about indian "CODERS"...get a global glimpse..
And you the "PROGRAMMER" do rise for the sake of SWADES and let there be some acknowledgement to the Nation as a nurturer of Costly Brains and not cheap labours...
Lets not portray ourself as We the Coders.....Lets hear it for We The Programmers...


Wind of change said...

Ok... here are my two cents..


Lets recap what all you have talked about -
1. Emotion of Nationalism, more importantly - recognition
2. The misnomer around the word, 'Coders', 'Programmers'
3. Probably an unjust system/ model of work practice in India / around India /with India

Yup.. I think these are the main points..

1. Lets talk about the "Image". Who creates a certain image and who does that image form, solidify, is mainted, changed....

ans: We - the people we do it. Its our making, our goals an aspirations at a particular time.. that does it..
it started with building the economy- getting some quick bucks in (in personal pockets, to India)
- the word itself "offshoring" says it for us - we are not there... and yet we are working - to deliver something that will eventually have a faster turn-around-time and reap profit.

Everyone is happy till this part..

What happened next - people so the advantage - again due to economy of India which our ancestors had a hand in making (or maybe they didnt and so it is .. whatever.. diff discussion) - people (onshore) ralize the advantage - faster turnaround, low cost (wages?)
- Why not?

We here - struggling, growing economy, good work, good opportunity, Why not?

Again everyone is happy..

To build trust into the system (coz Indians are lazy, filty (look at the roads) , corruption, lack of public services... we know we dont, by large, do anything for the system that supports us.. ) we stretched ourselves to do what India has been best at since the days of British Raj, "ji hajori"

Still no one complained - Indians were still trying to catchup with the technology that others had been using..
so they gave in quick to the bargain...

now... when things are stable, technology is known.. we have institutes and colleges pioneering stuff.. the model needs a revamp - AGREED

but no-one (or again the Indians) are ready to take the RISK.

JAB TAK AWAAZ NAHI UTHAOGE KON SUNEGA... wasnt british raj a learning lesson itself..

so that is that..

we need a change in the model..

and we need to start doing that with us, around us... by us... dont stay overtime.. not saying dont deliver what matters.. but LEARN TO TAKE CREDIT FOR WHAT YOU DO... LEARN IT please.. we need to learn it fast. .


that is required. .

moving on

2. The recognition part..

well... again.. build credibility in the system, sell yourself, learn to get credit for your work..

somy sly bugs will always be there..

but question is are you doing what you can do to the fullest..

another question that I asked a friend of mine recently was - "Do you think is manipulation of people / situation is bad and if so in what particular scenarios?"

This is a tricky question... but you can use the trend people follow to
- not hurt their ego
- get your work done
- most importantly doing all this without hitting below the belt..

yes its possible..

but maybe at times we are emotional and not rational..

again ..


3. The misnomers :)

only we can change it - will take time.. but we can.. .

the problem is - its difficult to come and oppose something that you have been living and are comfortable with..

like you said.. at the end of the day.. do people really care?

and if they do... i mean really, really, really do.. the tables will turn..

but it will take time.
see the deal is, its like the N***** or maybe it isnt..
u see the society at large doesnt know what to do - coz the black people also use it when referring to each other, and guess what - the spelling is diff!!!! but not the pronounciation..

and in some ways.. what you have written is about that..

the people are confused.. becoz doesnt everyone who does programming ends up saying... I am a coder....

Wind of change said...

I think the word you were looking for was "non-core business processes"

Well let me tell you, one does want to question that in regard of offshoring opportunities..

but for that its imp, as I said earlier too, to understand who businesses are run and economies are changed....