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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beloved Inspiration

Looking for opening lines for a poem,

The one which is just for you,

The words of worlds are not a fair justice,

to the vision, the aura i behold of you..

Those glances meeting together, eureka hallelujah forever,

those remembrances u have too,that I sweetheart am so damn sure..

The tryst of destiny was not meant that day,

but two seasons have gone by, a fresh start together today.

smiling face that kills,with hair falling just on left shoulder..

you are so unaware of it,ask me, that look can move even a boulder..

that serene moment of touch u remember?that thy blessed on humble being,

it was enlightenment of wasted life;my inspiration where had you been.

Its hard to believe with your joyous face, that the world to you is so dark rife,

Wish you could see thru my eyes dear,just seeing you, though far away,just brightens up my life.

let me liberate you from the confined feelings, and bestow a passionate kiss eternally pure,

and when u think of darkness;think of the kiss, seductingly to happiness and me u will be lured

you are a river silent above and gushing below,

taking own course,bending and curving through life slow

I am enthusiastic wave,unfathomable;the ocean; roaring above for u. ..

for always The river gives away herself to ocean..I am all willing to give into you..

For now i realize meaning, of so unknown dormant poetic phrases,

they aptly described my emotions,thanks for walking into my life roses;

It dawns to me that rendezvous with inspiration, made them speechless too

so they etched their golden feelings, and me just obliged too.

-Animesh Kumar Sonkar

For a forever new inspiration of life!!!

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